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At Williams Stoker & Heating Co., we understand the importance of installing the correct pumps and piping configurations to allow your mechanicals to function properly. Over the years, techniques and technologies have evolved to create more efficiency. For example, high-efficiency boilers rely on boiler condensing to achieve higher efficiency. This requires the delta temperature or difference between the supply and return to be around 20-30 degrees to maximize the boiler’s efficiency. It also helps avoid common issues such as short cycling, overheating, and unbalanced zones when the system isn’t designed correctly.

Types of Pumps:

  • Circulator Pumps: Circulator pumps are used in hydronic heating systems to circulate hot water from the boiler to the radiators or underfloor heating systems
  • Recirculating Pumps: Recirculating pumps are designed to circulate water in domestic hot water systems. They ensure hot water is available quickly at fixtures far from the water heater and help maintain consistent temperatures throughout the system.
  • Condensate Pumps: Condensate pumps are used in steam boiler systems to collect and pump condensate back to the boiler to be reused as feed water
  • Vacuum Pumps: Vacuum Pumps are used in two-pipe steam systems to remove air from the system, ensuring better steam distribution and higher efficiency in the system and boiler

      Radiator Types of Pipefitting:

      • Steamfitting
      • Installation and repair of steam supply and return lines, including steam traps, condensate pumps, and vacuum pumps
      • Pipefitting
      • General Piping installation and repairs, both new construction and retrofits
      • Gas Fitting
      • Natural gas pipefitting installation and service that comply with safety regulations
      • System Investigation
      • Knocking and banging
      • Unbalanced Systems
      • Underground Steam & Condensate Leaks
      • Feeding excessive freshwater leads to more erosion in the boiler and the piping network. It also reduces efficiency due to the need to heat the water back to operating temperature.
      • Venting / System Balancing
      • Steam Traps
      • Radiators
        • Removal / Installation
        • Radiator Valves
        • Radiator Air Vents
        • Radiator Traps
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